Why you need payroll software if you run a business in Singapore!

This is a little different from my usual posts about meat, this post will be regarding how I operate my business and how I have come to the conclusion that payroll software is crucial for any business.

I have recently come into some trouble by paying my employees late and making some errors on payroll due to busy days at the shop.

There are days where my staff work half-days, there are times where they work over-time to compensate for the lack of manpower.

As I am in the store myself servicing my customers, it can become very cumbersome tracking who has worked for how long and who had left early.

I would spend one to two days a month doing manual reconciliation of work hours which is highly inefficient.

That is when I started googling online for Payroll software in Singapore and I found the perfect one.

What are the benefits of payroll software?

Before I get into the software of my choice, here are the main benefits of using payroll software:

  • You get a peace of mind knowing that your employees are clocking in and out by themselves and everything is tracked
  • Automatically calculate OT hours at the exact rates so you can avoid manual calculation and errors on the excel sheet
  • Save money on expensive fines when you don't issue payslips or pay your employees late

What is life like after buying a payroll software like Payboy?

It's great, I have more time now to focus on my customers and more time sourcing for suppliers and checking inventory at the shop.

Why did I choose Payboy over other payroll software providers?

It's simple, they reached out to me and the exemplary service I got from their HR consultant has given me the confidence to try their software. After trialing the payroll features, I feel in love with the ease of use and the accuracy at which payroll in generated.

It is also compliant with Singapore laws which is the main reason why I haven't gone for more popular international payroll software.

What other software am I looking to get next other than this payroll software?

Being a traditional business, we are usually way behind the newcomers when it comes to the adoption of software technologies. The next software we would probably need urgently is a POS software as the current one we have now had nearly reached the end of its shelf life.

I highly recommend any business of today to quickly adopt a software solution to stay competitive just as I did.

About the Author
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I am passionate about butchery and my mission is to help others fall in love with the art form through education.

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